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Eiza Gonzalez Explains Why She Started Fights On Set

Michael Bay’s new blockbuster is called Ambulance. In typical Bay fashion, the film features some heavy action and a deep storyline that pits brothers against one another as they become fugitives of the law. Eiza Gonzalez plays a paramedic in the film, one of which gets caught in the middle of the manhunt that sees cops chasing down the two brothers after they pull off a bank heist. Due to how Gonazalez feels about first responders, she got into a heated argument with Bay on set. According to the actress, “I was frustrated because listen, I felt a lot of pressure to bring to life a paramedic that felt real in the time that we’re living. First responders have been dedicating their lives fully, forever obviously, but more than ever. It’s very transparently obvious what they are bringing to our society. And so I just didn’t want to make a joke or cartoon version of who they were.”

To be honest, Eiza Gonzalez has a bit of a point here. Especially with how first responders have had to deal with the mass numbers of people getting sick and dying from Covid-19. Making light of those who respond and try to save lives is something that most people might not want to do. Instead of showing some over-the-top type of character in the film, she thought that she would let Michael Bay know how she feels. While she and Bay seemed to be at odd ends, it seemed to work out in the end. She added, “So I was very vocal about certain things that I didn’t feel would be right. And then he’d be like, ‘Just let me do it. Trust me.’ So we would butt heads a lot, but that’s part of the creative process.” That is certainly one way to make sure that you are heard in a production. Frankly, Michael Bay could have easily had her replaced with someone else, but it seems as if her passion was appreciated by Bay. At least that is assumed considering that she and Bay were screaming at one another.

This is not the first time in history that an actor and a director have gone at one another. Quite honestly, that likely happens more than we know. However, sometimes the passion from both parties drives them into a frenzy. Eiza Gonzalez just wanted to make sure she wasn’t playing some sort of cartoon version of a figure that she should be uplifted right now. Well, first responders should always be uplifted. They are out here trying to save people’s lives every chance that they get. It’s honorable work that should be celebrated. There is no telling what Michael Bay wanted her to do, but we will all find that out when Ambulance officially opens this Friday. The film has garnered plenty of attention already, considering Jake Gyllenhaal and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II star alongside one another.

This is the first film that Michael Bay has directed since 2019. The longtime director/producer has been mostly producing films in the past five years. His last directed feature was that of 6 Underground in 2019. He returns to the fold with two of the biggest actors in the game right now. Eiza Gonzalez has steadily been increasing her career as well. She began as a singer in Mexico but has recently been carving out her space in Hollywood. She has appeared in Baby DriverI Care A Lot, and Godzilla vs Kong. Now she lands a huge role in a Michael Bay action blockbuster film. Granted she got into a fight with one of the biggest directors in the business, but hey, they clearly sorted things out with one another.

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