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See Sydney Sweeney In Nothing But A Towel

Sydney Sweeney is having a pretty huge year, having been nominated for some major awards, getting a bunch of sponsored gigs, and even an appearance at a huge sporting event. It would seem to all be going right for the actress and model who doesn’t appear to have even reached the height of her fame yet. It helps that some of her Instagram and social media posts garner some of the most engagement out there. It’s easy to see why. Sweeney seems to understand the assignment in this respect. She’s been able to post a mix of her own work, some fashion branding sponsorships, and stunning shots that would turn just about any head Recently, Sydney Sweeney took to Instagram to post a picture of herself in a towel-y bathrobe that leaves very little to the imagination. And for her fans, that’s exactly why they are coming to her Instagram page. Check out what she just posted.

This post has Sydney Sweeney in front of a floral pattern and looking off to the side, seeing something off-camera. It’s clearly a posed shot though mostly in line with what the actress has been putting up on the platform. And the Sydney Sweeney post had the desired effect when it comes to social media and Instagram. With less than a day on the platform, the post by Sydney Sweeney had garnered more than 2.2 million likes, a staggering sum for almost anyone. The reactions were predictable in a positive way with both celebrities and fans alike sharing the love. One could have predicted that this would happen for sure.

While she isn’t in the top-50 of Instagram account followers, Sydney Sweeney might get there before it’s all said and done. She is currently closing in on 14 million followers, a crazy number for the almost-25-year-old. She’s made a splash, to say the least, and there is reason to suspect that number will only grow over the coming years with the actress coming more and more into the limelight.

And again, this has been a big year for Sydney Sweeney when it comes to her acting work. She was recently nominated for not one, but two Primetime Emmy Awards for shows on HBO. The first was Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series for her role as Cassie Howard in Euphoria. The second was for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Limited or Anthology Series or Movie as Olivia Mossbacher in White Lotus. Sweeney posted her reaction to the nominations when she broke into tears during the phone call.

Next up, Sydney Sweeney will star in some bigger productions. The main one is in Madame Web, an addition to Sony’s Spider-Man Universe. Dakota Johnson will play the titular character. Emma Roberts is also in this one. Sweeney’s role in this movie and in this universe isn’t quite known at this point. We are sure to learn about the part shortly. And in the meantime, there’s always the Instagram account to follow in earnest.

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