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See Brie Larson Dancing In Ripped Bikini

Brie Larson knows a thing or two about keeping her fans engaged on social media. In fact, she knows a thing or a few million about it because she has one of the more significant followings out there. And her posts have tons of interaction, for a good reason. The actress knows how to entice fans with a mixture of humor and outfit choices that speak what it is she’s trying to get across. Her most recent post is yet another example of this and folks wasted no time ringing in with the best Instagram endorsement you can give: likes. The Brie Larson Instagram post has her in a bikini with a ripped top, posing a question to anyone out there who stumbled across this thing. Check it out and let’s see if we can answer the question that Brie Larson poses, while she poses in the bikini.

Brie Larson is having some fun here, with her wanting fans to give some songs that obviously wouldn’t fit the mood, style, or theme of what she is trying to pull off in the picture. Some of the highlights from the comments included “Head, Shoulder, Knees, and Toes”, the Marvel theme song, “Footloose”, “My Captain”, and “Micke Mouse Clubhouse”. There were many, many more. The post received massive engagement and as of this writing had more than 642K likes on Instagram. While not all of her posts see this kind of love, it’s not a totally out-of-bounds number for the Marvel actress and she’s made it a point to post pics on the social media platform that will get fans, and others, engaged in a positive way.

While she isn’t the upper-upper echelon of Instagram accounts, Brie Larson’s seven million followers are a whopping number in the grand scheme of things. And she’s continued to grow that with a mix of posts that point to quirky behavior and some behind-the-scenes looks at some of her projects. Recently, she touted the HBO Max series Growing Up and also has shown some on-set stuff from upcoming movies she’s got in the pipeline. But there’s plenty of life stuff in there as well. We got some travel posts, vacationing, and just general life enjoyment posts out of the Brie Larson Instagram feed as well.

And in terms of new projects on the way, well, Brie Larson has plenty of those to tout and promote. She is slated to return to her Carol Danvers/ Captain Marvel role in The Marvels which should act as a torch-passing from her to Iman Vellani’s Kamala Khan/ Ms. Marvel. That movie is due out on July 28, 2023, and should be a massive blockbuster when it finally hits the screen. We haven’t seen Brie Larson in the MCU since she appeared at the end of the Avengers timeline.

Plus, she’s also slated to take part in Fast X, the last movie in the Fast & Furious franchise with the original set of folks led by Vin Diesel. It’s not confirmed what role she will play, but she’s posted some shots from on set with the star and more.

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