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See Kate Beckinsale In The Pool Wearing A Hot Pink Bikini

Anyone who follows Kate Beckinsale on Instagram knows that she has a certain affinity for her pets. Actually, that’s something of an understatement. Kate Beckinsale seems to love her pets more than anything and that they are with her in almost any situation. The actress and model can get up to some wild stuff and the dogs or cats are often by her side. But sometimes it can be in the simple moments as well. That’s what Kate Beckinsale posted this week when it came to a lazy day in the pool. While wearing a pink bikini, Beckinsale got in the pool on a couple of swan floaties and brought her cat along for the ride. Is it a typical place for a house cat? Of course not, but this is Kate Beckinsale we are talking about. Check it out:

Now, Kate Beckinsale makes mention in her post that one can never be “too grey or too furry to discover new joys” which is somewhat funny seeing as how the cat looks moderately miserable. Sure, it’s sitting curled up on a float in the middle of the pool, but that doesn’t mean it has to like it. And there must not be too much concern on the part of Kate Beckinsale when it comes to the cat’s claws compromising the floating integrity of the inflatable swan. There are other considerations here for sure. Regardless, it does look like at least Beckinsale is having a good time. 

And again, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen a Kate Beckinsale pet show up on her Instagram feed. They’ve been all over the place. Just the other day she shared a picture of a cat getting a new hat. Then there was a fox lying asleep on the doorstep, her kissing a goat, another cat with a stuffed lion, and many more. It’s something of a theme on this feed though it’s rarely of just the normal variety. Kate Beckinsale seems to want to mix it up, or at least try and get a laugh with her posts.

This latest one definitely had fans going too. As of this writing, it was closing in on 140,000 Instagram likes with a number of them ringing in how impressed they were that the cat, Clive, was even able to keep it cool sitting in the middle of the pool. It’s no small feat getting a cat out in the middle of a large pool of water so credit where credit is due on that one. And to look good doing it just completes the whole picture.

When she’s not mixing it up with her pets on Instagram, Kate Beckinsale is plenty busy on the movie front these days. She has three movies coming up over the next year or so. Those would be Canary Black, The Prisoner’s Daughter, and El Tonto. So she’s still finding the time to get on the big screen even if she spends her days getting her pets into somewhat awkward places and situations. 

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