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Netizens get in a debate over IVE member Leeseo’s ‘clueless concept’ after she says that she didn’t know Pikachu

Netizens have struck up a debate over IVE member Leeseo after she said that she didn’t know the character Pikachu.

During one Naver NOW broadcast, IVE member Wonyoung said, “Leeseo looks like Pikachu today”. Hearing this, Leeseo remarked, “I do know Pikachu now. I found out about it because of the popular bread.”

This strongly shocked the program’s hosts, as well as numerous fans.

On one hand, some netizens felt that a character like Pikachu might not be as familiar to someone as young as Leeseo, born in 2007. Some commented,

“If she became an idol trainee at a young age, she just might not have had much time to get to know pop culture. Leeseo was a child model, so she was probably too busy to be interested in cartoons.”

“I mean if you’re not into watching TV as a kid, it could happen.”

“Are people seriously accusing her of saying that because it’s her ‘concept’?? Why would she go that far. It’s just a character.”

“She’s like 15. She might not know, what’s the big deal?”

“There are plenty of people who don’t know popular cartoon or game characters. I didn’t know anything about Crayon Shin-chan except for his face.”

However, others were skeptical and claimed that Leeseo was acting a “clueless concept”. They said, 

“My brother is 13 and he knows Pikachu. She’s just saying that to play the whole concept of her being younger than everyone else.”

“Wow, she’s really into playing the ‘clueless’ role. Pikachu? Come on.”

“No but seriously. That’s a lie.”

“I have young cousins who love Pikachu.”

“I think she got too into her own concept kekekeke.”

“I have no idea if she really didn’t know about Pikachu before the bread or not, but honestly they act like she’s some kindergartener or something when in reality, she’s about to graduate middle school. She’s going into high school soon, but the concept they gave her is too much.”

Are you shocked by the fact that Leeseo didn’t know Pikachu?

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