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Every Jennifer Lawrence & Bradley Cooper Movie, Ranked Worst To Best

Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper have starred in several movies together, advancing their careers with a series of successful collaborations.

Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper have starred in some great movies together over the course of their careers, though audiences have conflicting opinions about which one is best. They’re two of the most successful actors of their generation, and despite their individual accolades, it’s together that they’ve been at their best. Lawrence made her acting debut in 2010 with Winter’s Bone and quickly became a household name thanks to her involvement in the Hunger Games franchise. Cooper has been just as successful over the years, starting out in comedies like The Hangover and recently beginning his lucrative career as a director.

Individually, Lawrence and Cooper were two of the most successful actors of the 2010s – but together, their talents really began to shine, and they’ve developed a close off-screen friendship. The pair have been praising each other non-stop since they began collaborating, with each claiming that the other is “the best” to work with (via ET). They’ve acted together on four different projects, and each time it’s their on-screen chemistry and charisma that really brings the story to life. There are few acting duos who can light up a scene like Lawrence and Cooper, which has many audiences hoping that they’ll continue to work together long into the future.

Serena (2014)

It’s safe to say that this installment of Lawrence and Cooper’s collaborative career wasn’t a huge hit. There’s plenty to enjoy about Serena, with its entertaining performances and competent direction, but it’s undoubtedly their weakest project to date. Grossing just over $5 million worldwide (via Box Office Mojo) and landing a disappointing 16% on Rotten Tomatoes, the film was a huge flop that never really found its target audience. It doesn’t even come close to Jennifer Lawrence’s best movies – and her lead performance is somewhat overlooked by a heavily criticized screenplay.

Serena was underwhelming for both critics and general audiences, but the one aspect of the film that showed promise was Lawrence and Cooper’s on-screen dynamic as Serena Shaw and George Pemberton, a pair of newlyweds running a business in the 1930s. They continued to capture something genuinely impressive in the heart of a maligned film, and thankfully the film’s struggles didn’t deter them from working together in the future. It might not have been the emotional period piece that it was trying to be, but those faults aren’t on the actors themselves, who were praised.

Joy (2015)

Lawrence and Cooper soon atoned for the struggles of Serena with Joy, an entertaining drama about Joy Mangano, the self-made millionaire responsible for creating the miracle mop and developing a business empire. Joy is one of Jennifer Lawrence’s best roles – not only because of her outstanding lead performance but also because of how pivotal she is to the narrative. Cooper adopts the role of Neil Walker, an executive who aids Joy’s rise to power by agreeing to sell her mops on television. It’s not a perfect film (the 60% Rotten Tomatoes score is indicative of its several flaws), but it’s entertaining enough to stand out within both actors’ filmographies.

The main thing holding Joy back from outshining their other collaborations was its fairly disappointing commercial performance – the film grossed just over $100 million worldwide (via Box Office Mojo), which was underwhelming for such a large-budget studio movie. Many people didn’t even see the movie, but if they had, its reputation would probably be a little more sturdy. Its biggest strength is undoubtedly its character work – Bradley Cooper’s character also gets a great arc in Joy, which gives him plenty of exciting material to make his supporting role even more memorable, but it’s still his interactions with Lawrence’s character that really shine.

American Hustle (2013)

Lawrence and Cooper lead a powerful ensemble of talented actors and actresses in American Hustle, which tells the story of two con artists who find themselves recruited by the FBI to help catch a selection of corrupt politicians. The pair don’t share many scenes together, with the former playing a housewife named Rosalyn Rosenfeld and the latter an FBI agent named Richie DiMaso. The film sits at an extremely strong 92% on Rotten Tomatoes, and its wide acclaim can be further proven in its 10 Academy Award nominations – including ones for Lawrence and Cooper’s performances, alongside Best Picture.

For many, American Hustle remains David O. Russell’s best movie yet, not only because of its critical reception but also thanks to its box office performance. The film made $250 million across the world (via Box Office Mojo), which is an impressive total for a movie that’s not based on any existing franchise. American Hustle sees Lawrence and Cooper turn in two of their most entertaining performances to date – and even though they don’t interact much, it’s clear they’re having plenty of fun. The film’s strongest feature is the highly entertaining performances from the entire cast – both Lawrence and Cooper prove that their comedic abilities are just as impressive and admirable as their dramatic ones.

Silver Linings Playbook (2012)

Silver Linings Playbook was the first on-screen collaboration between Lawrence and Cooper, and despite their many successes since then, it remains their best. More than just a romance, Silver Linings Playbook is about mental health, personal struggles, and the methods by which human compassion can lighten the load. The film’s release was met with mixed perceptions about the film’s depiction of bipolar disorder, but nobody could deny the powerful chemistry between Lawrence and Cooper’s characters. The pair play Patrizio Solitano Jr. and Tiffany Maxwell, two complicated individuals whose relationship causes plenty of problems in their personal lives. The film sits at 93% on Rotten Tomatoes and remains their most compelling project.

Both Lawrence and Cooper earned Academy Award nominations for their excellent performances in the movie, with Lawrence even securing a victory in the Best Actress category. She completely transforms into the role, displaying a side of herself that audiences had never seen on-screen before. Both Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper are on top form in Silver Linings Playbook, taking a sharp screenplay and elevating the words into something more powerful and authentic. Despite almost avoiding a happy ending, Silver Linings Playbook quickly became the pair’s most beloved project thanks to its thematic maturity and progressive storytelling.

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