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See Halle Berry Stretch Out In A Lacy Corset

Different people have different ways of celebrating a birthday. Some might just have some friends and family over, sit down in front of a cake, blow out a few candles, and call it an evening. It’s simple and traditional. Those people wouldn’t be Halle Berry though. No, for her birthday the acclaimed actress had some different plans and they didn’t involve icing, party hats, streamers, or anything else like that. Instead, she took to Instagram to post a picture of her sitting around in a lace corset and little else in honor of the big day. It’s certainly a departure from what many would think about wearing when they were firmly in their sixth decade on this planet. But again, most people aren’t Halle Berry. Check out what she posted on Instagram:

The Halle Berry Instagram post went up in the middle of August, right in time for her birthday. That was on the 14th and it marked her turning 56. Yup, you read that correctly. The actress is the age when some people’s parents used to retire, or movies would have this age group in the old folks’ communities. But not anymore and Halle Berry is becoming just another face of those seemingly defying age these days. 56 is the 36 or however that saying goes. Whatever it is, Halle Berry clearly isn’t letting age, which at this point seems arbitrary, get in her way at all.

And fans were quick to ring in on this Instagram post, Halle Berry, offering both their birthday wishes as well as their compliments for the picture she added. As of this writing, the post had more than 240K likes on the platform. It’s a solid number for Berry whose account is closing in on eight million followers. More recent posts include her thanking fans for the birthday post, this time wearing a more tempered flowing dress in a garden-like background.

When she isn’t posting birthday notes on her Instagram feed, Halle Berry has been more than a little busy continuing to show off her range as an actress. This past year she got back into the big-budget action movie lane when she starred in Roland Emmerich’s Moonfall. It posited the problem of what happens when the moon basically attacks Earth. Silly? Sure, but these movies have their place. And before that, she went a bit smaller with Bruised which was the directorial debut for the actress. She starred as well in a story about an MMA fighter looking to make a comeback in order to make a better life for her son.

Next up for Halle Berry will be The Mothership, a sci-fi movie in which she will play a woman who finds a massive alien object buried under her farm. And then there will be Our Man from Jersey which will pair her with Mark Wahlberg in an action flick. That will be on Netflix. And considering the cast could be an audience hit for the streamer. Even as she pushes towards 60 years old, Halle Berry is still holding it down.

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